High-performance "universal chip" is popularized in the field of instruments and equipment

Unlike a professional chip designed for a specific application area, a universal chip of the size of a fingernail can be used in high-tech medical equipment, large-scale industrial control instruments in factories, and other industrial systems as long as it is rewritten and programmed by software China is flexible and cross-border, acting as its brain. Recently, China's first high-performance universal chip was officially launched.

In the chip world, the universal chip has become a major town for martial arts competitors due to its wide application field and high development threshold. Since the 1970s, more than 60 top technology companies in the world, such as Samsung and Motorola, have successively invested in universal chips. After a few years, although it cost hundreds of millions of dollars, most of them ended in vain.

Where is the research and development of the universal chip? Liu Ming, the founder of the universal chip and founder of Jingwei Yage, made a popular analogy: comparing the person who developed the chip to a carpenter and making professional chips, only the carpenter can see the pictures and select materials, and use the axe saw, planer and other tools, You can make a decent product; to make a universal chip, you need a super carpenter, not only able to draw and design by yourself, but also make various tools that are not available on the market.

We previously released the first self-developed universal chip in China. The newly released first high-performance universal chip, its data processing performance has more than doubled a few years ago. The relevant person in charge of Jingwei Yage introduced that the entry-level universal chip a few years ago can be used in portable sphygmomanometers and other small devices; the high-performance universal chip introduced today can be used in the giants with high data processing requirements such as CT machines. play a key role in.

Compared with the general-purpose universal chips, the development of high-performance universal chips is more than just using each component of the chip with advanced configuration and simple splicing. A universal chip is composed of memory, processing unit, function module and software. Each part adopts the most advanced configuration on the mainstream market, so as to work together to create a super-transformer.

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