Soft light double-shot continuation burst sale legend? vivo X9 on sale tomorrow

[IT168 information] vivo X7 with the concept of soft light self-timer burst hit the wave, change in the Christmas New Year's Day before the double, upgrade soft light double vivo X9 finally released last week. From the data that sees, the current appointment of a small partner is close to 400,000, and tomorrow vivo X9 will be officially launched. It is reported that vivo X9 is fully stocked both on-line and off-line, and it is clear that vivo is confident to brush a wave of sales with the new machine.

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â–² Soft light double-shot continuation of explosive legend? vivo X9 will be sold tomorrow

In terms of selling price, vivo X9 sells for 2,798 yuan. Unlike the rear dual camera phone on the market, the vivo X9 uses a dual front-facing camera, which fully serves self-timer consumers. Its front camera is 20 million pixels, responsible for recording the scene; another camera is 8 million pixels and is responsible for recording depth of field information. Through the cooperation of the two cameras, the final synthesized photos can be accurately layered according to the distance of the camera. The user can adjust the focus of the camera by himself and adjust the aperture size to highlight or weaken the depth of field effect.

â–² vivo X9

The sound quality is also the selling point of the vivo mobile phone. The vivo X9 uses the classic AK4376 chip, and it adds the WAVES sound effect.

â–² vivo X9

In terms of appearance, vivo X9 still continues the previous generation's design philosophy, but there are many upgrades in details. Vivo X9 front uses a 5.5-inch 1080P resolution level display, the surface is covered by Corning fifth-generation glass and presented with two customized customized tempered film, in addition to the positive proportion of the screen is very high, which is mainly due to Its ultra-narrow 1.59mm border. Vivo X9 still uses aluminum alloy one-piece design. Different from previous generations, it switched to a new dome-shaped U-shaped antenna. Not only does the antenna have a larger transmission area, it also allows the entire body to be integrated and the metal ratio is further increased.

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Vivo X9's body measurements are 152.6 × 74 × 6.99mm, weighs 154g, in their hands without effort and feel comfortable. In terms of configuration, it uses the 14nm process technology Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor platform, with 4GB of memory and 64GB of body storage space. In addition, it also has 16 million pixel rear camera, 3050mAh battery capacity, dual engine flash charge function, and supports dual SIM dual standby and 4G full Netcom.

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