LED observation | flip chip, CSP, filament lamp and price cost

For any commodity to be clear about its pricing method, first of all, to figure out what its cost is? LED is no exception!

Today, in addition to the market demand, the price factor is undoubtedly a very important point. The high quality and low price are undoubtedly the most popular among consumers, but the low price is not what LED companies need. Fighting low prices, how to optimize costs and increase gross profit has become the most important work for LED companies, whether it is to expand production capacity, to scale, to enter new market segments or to adopt automated production to reduce costs and profit. means.

Flip chip, CSP, filament lamps and automated production are undoubtedly examples of this.

1. Market share is up to 20% in the year. The flip-chip Blu-ray chip will be the mainstream in the next few years (4.18 headlines)

The spring of flipping LED chips seems to be coming!

Dehao Runda began to invest heavily in the flip-chip Blu-ray chip and chip-scale packaging market, with the intention of regaining its embarrassing situation in the field of LED chips for many years. This shot has cost 2 billion yuan. The net profit of Dehao Runda in 2012-2015 is only 0.82 billion yuan. According to this calculation, Dehao Runda has to work for 24 years and 4 years, that is, more than 97 years to earn enough of this 2 billion yuan.

Of course, as a listed company, Dehao Runda does not have to wait for 97 years, and an additional issue will solve the funding problem.

According to the calculation of Dehao Runda's "2016 Non-public Issuance of Stocks", after the completion of the flip-chip project, it will form an annual production capacity of 5 billion flip-chips, achieving a revenue of 1.955 billion yuan and a total profit of 423 million yuan. After the chip-level packaging project is completed, it will have an annual production capacity of 4.25 billion chip-scale packaged devices, with an annual sales income of 2.97 billion yuan and a total profit of 268 million yuan.

According to the research of Gaogong LED, the flip chip products currently on the market are mainly provided by the new century, crystal power, and Guanghong in Taiwan, and foreign manufacturers such as Europe, Japan, South Korea and Japan also have small shipments. Domestic chip manufacturers, including Dehao Runda and Huacan Optoelectronics, have also gradually increased the mass production of flip-chips in the past two years.

From the current three process routes of chip-level packaging, the key prerequisite for the realization of chip-level packaging is the development of flip-chip, which is the purpose of Dehao Runda is willing to invest 1.5 billion yuan for flip chip.

Because flip chip heat dissipation, high reliability, and high current drive, it has a high cost performance, so "flip chip + chip scale package" has become the perfect combination, in terms of LED white light device cost and reliability Has a strong advantage, has become the mainstream direction of the development of the LED industry in the past two years.

2, LED weekly report - the era of China's LED lighting automation production (4.23 headlines)

The robot staff is here!

Even the lighting industry can't stop the torrent of automated production, especially in an era when labor costs are rising year by year.

At present, in the field of LED lighting, LED lighting manufacturers are affected by various factors such as equipment cost reduction, enterprise recruitment difficulties, general increase in staff wages, continuous improvement of staff management costs, continuous improvement of enterprise land cost, and continuous improvement of product quality requirements. The demand for automation and intelligence of production equipment is growing.

According to the research of high-tech LED, the current lighting automation equipment is still in the initial stage of development. Only a handful of companies with technical research and development strength are involved in this field. At present, South China is mainly represented by Hyun Shuo Optoelectronics, Lian Shuo Technology and Huayang Group; East China is mainly represented by Zhongwei Optoelectronics and Suzhou Yuantai.

However, lighting companies can't wait, especially for large-scale enterprises, the demand for automated production is growing. Sunshine Lighting introduced six new automatic lines and six semi-automatic lines in 2015, and made initial attempts in the use of automated handling and storage.

It is understood that the lighting export giant Debang Lighting has also introduced a number of automated lighting production lines to meet demand.

However, the current automatic lighting production line is only suitable for mass production of bulbs, lamps and other light source products, and is not suitable for small-volume, small-order lighting products.

According to the research of the High-tech Research Institute LED Research Institute (GGII), from the perspective of the investment return period of the imported automation equipment, the introduction of fully automatic production equipment can recover the cost in 1-1.5 years.

3, Mulinsen: "filament lamp" layout is beginning, the big show is about to be staged... (Article 2, 4.19)

Mulinsen is making a big push into the filament lamp market!

For any market segment, the entry of giant Mulinsen will make many companies happy and embarrassed. The joy is that Mu Linsen has come in, which undoubtedly shows that this market has a lot to offer. The saying goes, "Many people are more stupid, faster!" What is embarrassing is that with the strength and scale of Mu Linsen, how many opportunities other companies can have.

In the words of Lin Jiliang, executive general manager of Mulinsen, in fact, three years ago, Mulinsen began to work on the continuous layout of filament products. At that time, Mulinsen has considered that it is necessary to unite the chip end and the finished product manufacturer, thereby combining the advantages of Mulinsen's packaging end to form a roadmap for the filament lamp product that spans the chip, package, and finished product.

This concept has become a reality as the filament lamp market began to increase in volume.

At the first shot, Mulinsen took the crystal power to his left hand, and the right hand directly put the lighting of the filament lamp Dachang Xinhe (Shaoxing) into the bag. After the successful acquisition of the new and the next step, Mulinsen will also adopt an OEM approach to fully sprint this market and gradually reduce the cost price.

In terms of cost, Mulinsen is expected to use a filament glass substrate package, so that the filament bulb can overcome the cost limitation of sapphire and ceramic substrate by high-transparent substrate to achieve full-circumference performance, thus bringing about a substantial cost structure. decline.

Previously, Gaogong LED in the article "The filament substrate four quarters of ceramics, sapphire accounted for 60%" (April 7, 3rd article), has detailed analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of several filament lamp substrates, the main problem of glass substrates The thermal conductivity is too bad, but if Mulinsen is only aiming at the filament lamp market below 5W, then there is no need to consider the problem of heat dissipation.

In the past week, the weather in Shenzhen was sunny and rainy, but it could not stop the fiery momentum of the registration of the Filament Lamp Forum. On the afternoon of April 26th (next Tuesday), "2016 Gaogong LED National Tour Research Activity - Filament Light Special Seminar" will be held in Shenzhen Qingqing World, Mulinsen, Stellar Gaohong, Mingwei Electronics, Hongli Optoelectronics, Jie A large number of filament lamp industry chain enterprises such as new materials will bring their own achievements in the field of filament lamps in the forum. Gaogong LED also expects more LED people to participate in it, sharing the feast of the filament lamp market!

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