Liyang shares: the new product of the inverted light source series

Witness the journey, we are coming along

LED package formats have evolved from in-line DIP packages to TOP SMD packages to integrated COB packages and wafer-level CSP packages. With the deepening of high-power LEDs in semiconductor lighting applications, LED packaging technology is becoming more and more powerful and integrated.

For LED package products, packaging materials and package structures are the main factors affecting their performance. Since the company entered the field of LED high-power light sources in 2008, the products have undergone three major changes. In terms of integrated light source, from the earliest 5012 injection bracket light source, to the 4046 copper plate light source, to the current F4046 flip-chip light source; the performance improvement and the repeated technological changes make the advantages of Liyang shares in the field of integrated LED light source gradually. Recognized by people in the industry. In terms of high-power lamp beads, Liyang shares from the earliest 1-3W imitation lumens, to SMD3030 lamp beads, and now to the flip-chip FE30/FE35 lamp beads, the wafers of the products are getting smaller and smaller, and the reliability is getting better and better. Weather resistance is getting stronger and stronger, and the cost performance is getting higher and higher. Along the way, Liyang shares witnessed the transformation and technological innovation of LED light source products.

Keep up with the rhythm and experience disruptive innovation

As a company specializing in LED high-power light source products, Liyang has always been committed to actively improving product cost performance, investing a large amount of research and development resources, focusing on R&D and production in the field of flip-chip light source. At present, the company's flip-chip light source products have been Product performance and cost performance are significantly better than the equivalent performance of the formal wear products, is gradually changing the customer's understanding of flip-chip for a long time: high price, process instability.

At present, the mainstream packaging forms of LED chips on the market mainly include SMD and COB packages, and the packaging materials are mainly classified into EMC, PPAPCT, metal-PCB and ceramic materials. The Liyang CO., Ltd. flip-chip COB series uses a super-thermally conductive ALC aluminum substrate as a substrate and is equipped with a flip chip to realize a new package COB structure. This is a major change to the traditional COB structure, which greatly reduces the thermal resistance of the product, and the thermal conductivity of the light source is better, and the heat dissipation structure of the lamp is optimized to save the cost of the lamp for the customer.

Liyang's flip-chip EMC series adopts imported EMC brackets and uses international advanced 3D automatic printing technology to realize the packaging of flip chip. The application of flip chip on the EMC bracket platform breaks the tradition, transforms the traditional dressing method into a gold-free flip-chip method, and introduces a world-class fully automated production line, achieving high product production efficiency, low device cost and reliability. High performance, long service life and easy application.

  Take a small step and take a big step

The conventional high-power device wafer electrode is located on the light-emitting surface, and the bonded gold wire is located above the light-emitting surface to block the light emission of the wafer and reduce the luminous efficacy of the LED. The flip chip electrode used in the flip-chip products of Liyang shares is located at the bottom of the wafer and does not affect the surface light output. The gold-free wire package directly avoids the absorption of light by the gold wire and has higher light extraction efficiency.

  Clean and simple, improve efficiency

Conventional high-power device key alloy wires are prone to problems such as virtual soldering, surge shock, insufficient current resistance, and stress cracking caused by thermal mismatch of package rubber. This is one of the weakest links in the reliability of LED devices. Liyang's flip-chip products have reduced the wire bonding process, improved production efficiency, and completely eliminated various reliability problems caused by bond alloy wires.

  Change the connection method, from sub-quantification to qualitative change

Traditional high-power devices generally use insulating glue to fix crystals. The thermal conductivity of insulating rubber is low, which becomes a thermal conduction bottleneck between the wafer and the bracket, which affects LED heat dissipation and long-term reliability. Liyang's flip-chip products use solder materials with tens of times the thermal conductivity of the insulating glue to realize the thermal, electrical and structural interconnection between the wafer electrodes and the support, which not only improves the bonding strength between the product wafer and the support, but also greatly reduces the bonding strength. The thermal resistance of the LED package improves the thermal conductivity of the LED and greatly improves the reliability and longevity of the product.

Take the lead, take a step

Flip-chip LEDs overturn the traditional LED process, from wafer to package, requiring higher equipment input costs. In the case of flip-chip LED packages, solder paste printing requires precision, reflow soldering requirements are higher, LED die bonder accuracy requirements are higher, and professional flip-chip inspection equipment is required. At present, the Liyang flip-chip LED production line has been mass-produced and imported various products to win the company's future development.

The flip-chip products of Liyang has been widely used in automotive lighting and outdoor lighting. The prospects are promising. It will soon be used to replace traditional LED light source products for aeronautical communication, commercial and civil lighting, urban lighting projects, road lighting, etc. Many fields.

Subsequent Liyang shares will launch detailed product series reports, so stay tuned!

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