Sony PS VR leader: The so-called VR killer app does not exist

Every time there is a new platform in the technology industry, there will be a discussion of the platform "killer app", and VR is no exception. There are many people who think that VR still lacks a killer app, and some people think that TI's TIlt Brush is already one. But in the eyes of Richard Marks, head of Sony's PlayStaTIon R&D department, VR doesn't have a so-called killer app.

Marks believes that the killer app of PlayStaTIon VR is "presence". "Presence" is not an app. It means the feeling of crossing to another place. Chinese can be said to be "presence".

Many platforms have killer applications, such as Super Mario 64 on Nintendo 64 and GTA3 on PlayStaTIon 2. But Marks thinks VR is different. Any game that can bring you that kind of presence can be a killer app, letting consumers devote themselves to VR.

Marks divides the elements that create a sense of presence into the following five points:

1, stable image quality: the image needs to be realistic enough to see if there is a "wind window effect", whether it is smooth enough;

2, head tracking: the screen display changes with the movement of the head, if the helmet does not highly restore the head movement, it will lead to user loss and motion sickness;

3, hand / body virtual: VR should be able to make you feel that your body exists in the virtual world. For example, when you look down, you should be able to see the hand of yourself (or the character you play), and when someone approaches you, the size of the character must be able to change precisely;

4. Continuity of environmental response: The virtual world you are in should be stable and continuous. For example, when you put an object on the table, leave, and then look back, it should still be there;

5, social: other people should also exist in the virtual space, which makes both of you feel more real.

Finally, one thing is certain: unless you really experience VR, it's really hard to make a purchase decision.

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