Delipu LED digital power successfully entered the 2014 Gaogong Golden Globe Awards

[Text|High-tech LED reporter Gan Qin] benefited from the LED lighting from the era of functional lighting to the era of intelligent lighting, driving the emergence of new circuit layout and dimming technology. As a result, digital power drive solutions have been sizzled, and many domestic LED companies have launched digital power layout smart market.

"LED digital power supply has the advantage of strong compatibility. It can be compatible with mainstream intelligent control mode by adjusting the code agreement." Pu Cheng, deputy general manager of Delip's new application business, said, "Digital power supply can freely set the output current of LED drive power. Eliminate the trouble of repeatedly disassembling and changing the power parameters."

Pu Cheng introduced, LED digital power supply launched by Delip, mainly for the simple and easy-to-use micro-system designed for commercial lighting track lights, downlights and panel lights, to solve the lighting control needs of local environment. In addition, scenario lighting can be designed for meeting room needs in an office environment.

Pu Cheng said, "Our LED digital power supply is composed of system networking, using MCU master control, and innovating from inside the power management IC to realize the application development and personalized lighting requirements of lighting products, and the price and conventional dimming power supply. The product is very close."

With its comprehensive advantages of high performance and high cost performance, Delphi has successfully entered the top three of the 2014 High-Tech Golden Globe Awards for indoor power supply with the LED digital power supply of DALI-DPxxW.

Pu admitted that smart lighting is the future of the lighting industry. LED digital power supply is the core of intelligent lighting. Its form and control method may change, but the product structure based on the driving power supply will not be eliminated. It will become the LED of the future. The mainstream configuration of the lighting market.

Next, the top three valid votes for each award (including juxtaposition) products will be shortlisted for the 2014 (5th) High-tech LED Golden Globe Awards, which will be finalist in the expert judges stage. The organizing committee has given it during the period from October 15th to 31st. The expert judges will send the ballots to vote offline, and the judges of the expert judges will determine the final winners of the Golden Globe Awards.

A list of expert judges: http://

At the same time, on the evening of December 13, the Golden Globe Awards will be announced on the spot and a grand award ceremony will be held. At the same time, the 2014 high LED annual meeting, which has attracted much attention from the industry, will be held on December 12-13, 2014 at the Dongguan Guanlan Lake Dongguan Club. This high-tech LED annual meeting, standing at the turning point of historical development, invited industry entrepreneurs to mention the industry development keywords from the three directions of “transformation”, “upgrade” and “future”, and elaborated on the viewpoint of industrial elites.

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