Subverting the traditional LightPaper, the world's lightest LED

When it comes to light, the impression in most people's minds is a round and fat bulb. If the light can be "expressed" like a thin paper, it must be cool!

Rohinni, a startup in Idaho, is doing such a cool product, LightPaper, the world's lightest LED that can bring the various tools in our lives to mobile phones, cars, wearables, and of course traditional ones. The table lamp, "dressing up" into another look.

Recently, the company's chief marketing officer Nick Smoot said in the "Fast Company" magazine that LightPaper is suitable for any surface. During the product development process, the Rohinni team combined the ink with the small LED lighting to "print out" the two into a separate conductive layer.

Compared to some of today's lighting technologies, such as OLEDs (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) used in Samsung or LG's curved TVs, the Rohinni team's LightPaper products are absolutely superior in weight. But based on the product demo presented on Rohinni and the description in the Fast Company, Rohinni's company would like to make LightPaper a "back lighting accessory" for a variety of tools.

LightPaper can be used to create a unique light logo and feel the product concept map on the "cool" Rohinni homepage.

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