Establish a fair competition in the electricity market

In order to establish a fair competition in the power market, it is necessary to implement the "separate network factory and bidding online" in the true sense. At the same time, "separate network factories and bid on the Internet" is also to promote the reorganization of the company's system, establish a modern enterprise system and regulate market competition. Important measures of the main body.

At present, grid companies face two options. The first option is to combine the grid company, dispatch, and market trading center to separate the power plant. The second option is for the grid company to retain the power plant, but at the request of the society and the government, the market trading center is separated. Obviously, the first option is more in line with the reality of China's electricity industry, because it can achieve fair competition and is conducive to the safe operation of the power grid.

"The separation of network factories and bidding on the Internet" will lead to major changes in the organizational structure and ownership structure of China's power industry. With the deepening of the reform of "network factory separation and bidding online", the state power company will certainly adopt "there is a retreat, some A strategy for doing something different. In the next few years, the National Power Company system (including the network province company) will implement a large-scale asset restructuring and carry out strategic capital operations.

The socialist market economy requires "breaking monopoly and fair competition". The implementation of "network factory separation" and market-oriented reform strategy in China's power industry has become an irresistible general trend. On the one hand, power companies must actively participate in competition on the initiative; on the other hand, they must also grasp the rhythm of reform, so that China's power industry can be steadily transferred to the socialist market economy.

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