Talking about the Electronics Design of the Lighting Design of Jinjiang Gymnasium

First, the project overview:

Jinjiang Gymnasium is a new comprehensive gymnasium built by the Jinjiang Sports Center in Fujian. It can conduct basketball or volleyball, table tennis, badminton, handball, indoor soccer, gymnastics, skills, martial arts and other sports competitions or major cultural performances. The stadium is located in the northwest corner of the center of Zengjing Community in Jinjiang City. It was completed and delivered in October 2002.

The building consists of the main building and the training hall (attached building). The ground floor is three floors and half underground. The semi-basement is the equipment room, garage and gym. The first floor of the main building is the competition hall, the athlete referee lounge, the VIP lounge, the technical room (including the venue lighting distribution room), the press release center, the office, etc. The second floor is the main entrance hall, the audience seat, the audience. There is a lounge, etc.; the third floor is a disabled seating area. The first floor of the annex building is a martial arts table tennis training hall; the third floor is a basketball volleyball training hall. The total construction area is 18,963 square meters, the building height is 22.2 meters, the audience is 4,000 (including 3,500 fixed seats), and the total investment is about 45 million yuan.

Second, the venue lighting technical requirements:

1. Main technical parameters:

Horizontal illumination (ground floor): 1500Lx
Vertical illumination (main camera direction): 1000Lx
Horizontal illumination uniformity: U1=Emin / Emax > 0.5U2=Emin / Eave > 0.6
Vertical illumination uniformity: U1=Emin / Emax > 0.4U2=Emin / Eave > 0.5
Light source color temperature: 6000K > Tk ≥ 4000K
Color rendering index: Ra ≥ 85
Auditorium horizontal illumination: 375Lx
Auditorium vertical illumination: 250Lx
VIP seat horizontal illumination: 750Lx
VIP seat vertical illumination: 500Lx
Glare Limit Quality Level: Glare Index <50
Light source life: ≥ 6000 hours

2. Design ideas:

2.1 Illumination standards: The current national standards and the relevant standards of the National Sports Commission have relevant requirements for the illumination indicators of various sports venues, depending on the characteristics of each sports, the required movement space and the speed of movement, and also consider User's game specifications and technical difficulty and other factors. Modern gymnasiums must also fully consider the technical requirements for color TV broadcasts. According to the national standard requirements, the illumination range of different sports during the official competition is 350~1000Lx.

The illuminance standard proposed by the library is slightly higher than the national standard. This is based on the following two considerations: (1) meeting the requirements of color TV broadcasting for major competitions; the optimal vertical illumination required for TV cameras is 800~1000Lx. According to the current technical means and lighting method, the ratio of vertical illuminance to horizontal illuminance is generally 1:1.5~2.5, according to which the illuminance standard of horizontal illuminance (ground surface) is 1500Lx and vertical illuminance (main camera direction) is 1000Lx. . (2) Adapt to different illumination requirements of various sports. It is determined that the horizontal illumination (ground surface) is 1500Lx, which is beneficial to flexibly setting or adjusting the illumination mode and illumination level of different sports project modes, and better reflecting the multi-functional characteristics of the comprehensive museum.

2.2 Lighting quality requirements: In addition to the basic illuminance requirements for lighting in sports venues, other such as uniformity of illumination, three-dimensional sense; color rendering and color temperature requirements of light source; glare and stroboscopic control are also important indicators to measure lighting quality. High-quality venue lighting allows athletes to concentrate on the full level of competition, so that the audience has a relaxed and good visual environment. In particular, high-quality color TV broadcasts can be guaranteed to make the picture clear and lifelike.

Third, the way of lighting and lighting options:

1. Lighting method: reasonable lighting design is very important for improving illumination uniformity, three-dimensionality, reducing glare, meeting training and lighting requirements of various competitions. Common lighting methods include direct illumination and indirect illumination. See Table 1.

Combined with the characteristics of the circular steel grid structure of the museum, this project uses a direct lighting method similar to the combination of a light bridge and a starry sky. See Figure 1: Light diagram. The lamp bridges on both sides are arranged in a three-segment arc along the arc so that the projection distance of the lamp bridge from the center of the field is 14~19M, and the stars of the stars are evenly arranged in a circle. In order to ensure the uniformity and three-dimensionality of the illuminance of the site, the gyroscopic luminaires do not use the wide-cover (or hood-shaped) luminaires of most venues to illuminate vertically downwards, but use small floodlights to calculate the aiming points. Arranged, which is more conducive to achieving optimal lighting indicators.

2. Selection of lamps: All lamps in this project are designed and manufactured by Thorn Lighting Co., Ltd., designed and manufactured according to EN60598 (BS4533), equipped with capacitor compensation device, COSΦ≥0.9; the stadium lighting protection grade IP65 can effectively prevent dust, Contaminants; grounding device, one type of electrical insulation; floodlights with horizontal and vertical adjustment scales; easy to install, replace bulbs or consumables, and convenient, safe and reliable for inspection and maintenance.

3. Glare limitation measures: 1000w floodlights on the lamp bridge adopt high-efficiency reflective system with anti-glare partition. The position of the light source can be adjusted according to technical requirements, which effectively limits glare and astigmatism. The other lamps are also low. Glare efficient reflective system. The projection direction and projection angle are controlled on the setting of the aiming point of the luminaire to limit the generation of glare, and the glare index is <50.

Fourth, lighting control methods:

The task of lighting control is to achieve the lighting scheme that can be adapted to various competitions under the established lighting arrangement. In earlier stadiums, relays, contactors or thyristors were used to achieve lighting control.

This project adopts the Qixing intelligent lighting control system of Youtu Physical Application Technology Development Co., Ltd., which can adjust the illumination of the main stadium area and other technical parameters according to the characteristics and technical requirements of various sports competitions to ensure the lighting quality of the competition.

The system consists of a set of lighting dimming control cabinet ADC24R2 ADC24X2 ADC1016 (including 32-way switch module), 4 control panels and 1 microcomputer (P4CPU, 128M memory). The built-in RS232 or RS485 communication interface of the control cabinet can be connected with the Building Intelligent Control (BAS) system; its internal network adopts the DMX512 standard network, which conforms to the USITT standard of the international multi-channel lighting controller, and the transmission rate can reach 250K; The software is a full Chinese interface, easy to understand and easy to operate.

This system has the following main functions:

a. Scene Preset: The system presets the following scene lighting modes through computer programs: venue preparation, color TV broadcast competition, basketball game, volleyball match, badminton match, general competition, training, conference, etc.; users can also pre-predetermine through computer Set a new scene lighting mode or adjust the existing scene lighting mode;

b. The staff can directly understand the actual lighting conditions of various lighting modes on the computer display;

c. We arrange the various lamps on the site into 25 different circuits. According to the lighting requirements of different types of sports competitions, the staff can directly turn on, change or turn off the preset scene lighting mode through the computer, and the staff can also control. The control panel is implemented by pressing the corresponding button on the panel. In special cases, it is also possible to switch to the manual state and turn on or off the lighting fixtures of the venue via the buttons on the control cabinet. See Table 4 for details of the preset scene lighting mode of the competition hall.

V. Illuminated measured value and actual use evaluation

After the completion of the stadium, various indicators were tested and the results met or exceeded the design requirements. The main technical parameters of the color TV broadcast competition mode are as follows:

After the completion of the Jinjiang Gymnasium, it has hosted a number of cultural and sports events such as the National Men’s Basketball Team, the National Table Tennis Team Exhibition, the General Political Song and Dance Troupe and the 10th Anniversary Celebration of Jinjiang City’s Demolition (the provincial and municipal TV stations have all carried out TV live broadcasts). Broadcast), the actual use of the results of the sports team, TV stations, and users affirmed. Due to the ideal software and hardware conditions of this stadium, the National Badminton Team selected the museum as a long-term training base in 2003.


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