2015 special box to watch live TV which is recommended by four major brands

Then, in the following, I will introduce four boxes for watching TV broadcasts:

Tai Jie WEBOX:

When it comes to professional-grade live artifacts, it is none other than the Taijie box. As the high-end brand of the box circle, Taijie has taken its “boutique” concept as its own point of view, making it a quality brand among users. The newly-released new product is also a product that allows Tagey to attract enough popularity, 8-core 64-bit processor, dual-band dual-antenna WIFI channel, and a special heat treatment. This flagship is also the highest in the box this year. The highlights.

Lynx Box:

The Lynx Box is a box dedicated to the function of TV shopping. Today, online shopping has also entered the lives of people and become part of the auxiliary daily life, instead of the fate of choosing a physical store. For those who like to shop, you can use the Tmall Box to pay for water and gas on the TV. You can also use the remote control to shop on Taobao and Tmall.

Huawei box:

Huawei Secret Box is a high-definition Internet TV box launched by Huawei for the domestic market. In the design has a small size, cute appearance. As a traditional hardware manufacturer, Huawei has certain advantages. Huawei's hardware guarantees the quality of the box.

Mi Box:

The millet box is a living room game machine specially designed for gamer's fever. Its game handle also provides convenience for game players. It is relatively smooth in terms of game, and more compatible games allow players to experience the game. The fun of the living room, as a box focused on the game, is the home console device.

After Xiaobian’s recommendation, do you have some understanding of these boxes? Go for a family-friendly TV box for your family.

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