Synaptics Announces New Generation of Touch Solutions

Add variable pressure-sensing touch technology; consolidate Synaptics' leadership in the global touch field; help device manufacturers provide consumers with innovative human-computer interaction experiences.

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21ic Synaptics has announced three ClearPad series of stand-alone touch solutions that are more feature-rich and add new touch technologies, including pressure-sensitive touch for smartphones, tablets and automotive applications. . The expansion of the ClearPad family of products further demonstrates Synaptics' technological leadership in the stand-alone touch solution market, enabling Synaptics to help device manufacturers deliver the most innovative user experience for consumers.

Kevin Barber, senior vice president and general manager of Smart Display Division of Synaptics, said: "We have a wide range of touch technology patents and have accumulated years of experience, which enables us to provide advanced technology for smartphone manufacturers and LCD module manufacturers. The latest ClearPad product line has entered multiple market segments with exciting new features, highlighting Synaptics' superior innovation and leadership in touch, enabling the development of unparalleled touch solutions ."

Synaptics 3700 Series:

· Stand-alone touch controller for the latest flagship smartphones.

· Supports the latest touch technologies such as ClearForce variable pressure sensing touch and SideTouchTM for side gestures, including scrolling, tapping and more.

· Significantly improved performance, doubling MIPS capacity and memory capacity compared to previous generations, enabling more advanced features.

· Unique support for active and passive styluses, support for non-touch hover gestures up to 25mm apart.

Synaptics 3600 Series:

· Optimized design for mainstream smartphones.

· Improved touch performance with the latest chip architecture.

· Support for the latest features at no additional cost, including enhanced glove touch, two-touch tracking when the monitor is wet, multi-user custom gesture recognition, and FaceDetectTM Plus, eliminating the need for adjacent sensors.

Synaptics 7800 Series:

· Optimized for large touch screens up to 17.3 inches, covering laptops, tablets and automotive applications.

· Processing capacity is double that of the previous generation of large touch screen controllers, enabling the advanced features and performance required for large smart devices.

· Supports 1mm passive stylus for excellent palm-input performance.

· Higher moisture and glove touch performance, as well as low power wake gestures enhance the user experience.


The ClearPad 3700 and 7800 series are currently in volume production. Samples are available in the ClearPad 3600 series and volume production is expected to begin in the fourth quarter of 2015.

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