99 yuan smart home good music as the router trial

Smart TVs, PCs, Smartphones, PADs... When our lives are occupied by smart products, routers have become essential devices. Switch to Zhang Quanling's resignation statement: The wool is on the pigs, and the dogs are alive! The prosperity of various smart terminals and various smart homes is built on us as users, and the routers become derivatives of this transformation, of course. It has also become one of the main actors who are doing their part: Without router sharing, all smart technologies and products are no good.
99 yuan smart home good music as the router pro test

So when LeTV announced that it would launch a router product, we all understand that LeTV has just taken a new step in the smart ecosystem it has built. As for how big and stable this step is, we still have to use facts: In the end, how good is not the accumulation of parameters, nor is it a placard on the conference, but a real practical and real feeling!

Today we have not been able to grasp the curiosity of this new LeTV product. We have been busy with all-round experience to experience a "new gameplay" music as the router.

Appearance articles: simple black matte simple

Even LeEr said that if you want to find a product with a novel design, I'm sorry, this LeTV router is really a router, can not meet your requirements, so when we see the printed gold The LOGO's pure black box was not much of a surprise!
Simple black packaging

The first thing I saw after unpacking was the same black-black router. Unlike the packaging, the LOGO on the front of the router is simply a grooved design that does not involve a lot of complexity.
The same simple router design

Very simple LOGO design, no complicated details

Along with the router is a stack of manuals, a power cord, and nothing else, which revealed LeTV's attitude: simple, simple, simple, this is the product should pursue the ultimate.
Randomly equipped power cord and manual

The power line also has the same design as the router on the LOGO, simple without hesitation.

Power cord plug also has a simple LOGO

The LeTV router with its pure black matte appearance has two antennas on the back of the fuselage. The initial shape is folded and the two antennas can fit together perfectly. This is very different from many other routers. Now.
Two antennas folded at the beginning

It can be seen that the antenna of this router is an omni-directional PCB antenna, and it can be adjusted to 180° without interference, and what angle can be adjusted to what angle.
Angle adjustable antenna

Angle adjustable antenna

The interface of the router is set in the “arm” of the folded antenna. After opening the antenna, we can see three interfaces, a Reset button and a power socket.
Interface design is also very simple

The three sockets are the basic WAN interface and the two LAN interfaces. This LeTV router does not have too many LAN interfaces. In fact, in the current wireless environment, too many LANs are redundant, not only useless, but also Dust, music as this router can be said to be very consistent with the trend.

Then we look at the bottom of the router. At the bottom we will first see the nameplate of the product, which is marked with simple product information. Users can find the most basic information about the product from here.

Designed at the bottom of the nameplate to see simple product information

This LeTV router has many hexagonal star cooling holes scattered at the bottom of the router, almost all over the bottom of the router, and the cooling area is quite large. This is also a consideration for router performance: Routers are always powered on from "live" to "dead". Although the heat generated by itself is not much, if the cooling system is not good enough, it will affect the performance of the router. And service life.

The hexagonal star's heat vent almost covers the entire bottom

The hexagonal star's heat vent almost covers the entire bottom

This router is very light and thin, the router is not a uniform thickness, but the thickness of the former thin design, the thickness of the front less than 1cm, in the design of the signal, this music as the router is also very personal, only in front of A signal lamp was designed, and the signal lamp showed different colors in different working states of the router.

The former thin and thick design is unique

When the router is powered on but not connected to the network, there will be a red indicator

Trial: simple operation, excellent performance

Before the trial, we first take a look at the parameters given by this LeTV router:

We can see that this router is not particularly stunning, particularly ahead of the set, there is no USB device support for many of the latest routes, but in view of this router's "simple" product positioning, this point can understand .

We first look at how this router is set up.

This router can be set up to connect in two ways.

The first one is the setting method of the regular router: If you are using a computer to operate, connect the router first and then connect the router's user name to the network and enter on the web page to set the relevant settings.

What we want to say is the second, that is to scan the QR code download APP to set up the connection, this method is more suitable for mobile users. In comparison, we prefer this connection method, and the APP can also support remote control. It can be said that it solves many problems for us. Of course, this is a unique experience of smart home life.

The interface design of the APP is very clear and easy to see. The function assignment is simple and clear. You want to understand any function of the network and the router through the APP.

Left: Router settings through the web page; Right: The router's APP interface is simple and easy to operate

Including network status queries, router settings, router upgrades, network speed allocation issues, and signal strength, all can be checked in real-time via the APP.

All kinds of questions you want to operate on the router and want to know can get answers in real time

All kinds of questions you want to operate on the router and want to know can get answers in real time

In the function of the speed distribution, we can also blacken or speed limit people, so even if the other has the network signal cracking software is no good!

You can darken or limit your partner's network to protect your network

Of course, if you are using a computer, you still need to use the web version of the operation.

Computer users are also very easy to operate via web pages

Computer users are also very easy to operate via web pages

Computer users are also very easy to operate via web pages

Computer users are also very easy to operate via web pages

Computer users are also very easy to operate via web pages

It can be seen that it is very convenient to use the computer's partner to log in to the webpage, but it is still relatively simple to operate the mobile phone APP.

Online Experience & Membership Experience

After routing and networking are set up, let's take a look at how this routed network signal works. What we have chosen is a software named "Network Speed", which can be downloaded and installed free of charge in the App Store.

After the installation, we went to the network test. We chose to test at 2 meters and 7 meters away from the router. There was a load-bearing wall and a narrow and long passage of about two meters before the route of 7 meters.

Because we will affect the stability of the network during the movement, we will set the value to be one minute after the test point is set.

From the figure below, we can see that the speed of the network signal received by the mobile phone when it is 2 meters from the router and 7 meters from the router is respectively 3967.75KB/S and 1406.75KB/S. The broadband we use for testing is theoretically Unicom 20M fiber. .

From the above test results, basically LeTV's loss of network signal is not large, especially for home users, such a router that can pass through the wall is simply desirable.

Finally we take a look at one of the main features of this router: member sharing.

Member sharing function

This router can provide member's home sharing function. Only one account has member functions, and it is very convenient to share this member with other users in the same LAN. It is worth mentioning that this router comes with a three-month membership!

Member sharing settings

Member sharing settings

Through the settings shown in the figure, the whole family can use their own mobile terminals in the same LAN to enjoy membership services!

Evaluation Summary: In general, in the 99 yuan of this product stalls, this LeTV router performance remarkable. LeTV defines it as "Delevision is better than Lelevision," sharing LeTV content, which is actually a great advantage for Huimin. From the perspective of product appearance and application design, we can also look at LeTV's product concept: to provide users with the real needs of the most simple way of function, from this perspective, this router is very successful, it does not have too many powerful features Even the connector design follows the minimalist idea, but for the average user, this is exactly right!

The most noteworthy of the LeTV router is the three-month membership that comes with the bonus. It is not only value-added but also greatly valued. It can be used not only by one person, but also through sharing for the whole family. From this perspective, LeTV interprets it. Another design concept of the router, "Delevision is not as good as music and music," is really a movie watching episodes, to see the contest killing the World Cup.

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