Analysis of Star Hotel and Hotel Lighting from the Visual Effect of Architectural Space

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Basic requirements for star hotel and hotel lighting design

People usually choose based on factors such as hotel, hotel image, comfort, equipment, location, star rating and price. The image of each hotel and hotel has its own unique features, and it is focused on delivering it to the target customers and supporting this image. Hotels and hotels offer a variety of accommodation experiences for guests. It carefully selects equipment and services to enhance its image. Every area of ​​a hotel or hotel should be carefully designed in consideration of the interests of its customers. Lighting is very important in hotels and hotels because of its multifaceted role.

From the exterior lighting that emphasizes the hotel, the location of the hotel or the sign lighting that attracts the roadside driver, to the sparkling first-class lounge and check-in counter, the simple international fast food of the international cooking or coffee house, the lighting enhances the characteristics of the hotel and the hotel. With the image. The range can also be extended to upscale gyms, entertainment and business facilities and more. The requirements for lighting design are also varied. Therefore, lighting not only makes customers feel comfortable and safe, it is also used to guide consumers to highlight details, enhance functionality, and ultimately attract customers to stay or revisit.

Functional area partition lighting

Lighting must meet the real characteristics and image of hotels and hotels. It is extremely important to reflect the meaning of the services and facilities provided and the areas associated with them. Lighting a room is very different from illuminating a lounge or corridor. Since the lighting requirements of many hotels and hotels are common in all hotels and hotels, let's share with you in the form of a case. The lighting design points for the star-rated hotels and hotels are different. Lighting analysis:

I. Lighting design points for leisure and entertainment activities

The bar and cocktail lounge require a subtle and elegant environment. The main purpose of the lighting here is to enhance the comfort of the user. The bar and cocktail lounge are the place where guests can meet, relax and feel the atmosphere. Therefore, ingenuity and innovation are extremely important in the lighting design of the area. Two basic design concepts should be kept in mind: high-brightness levels stimulate rush, while low-light levels make people relaxed, calm, and romantic. Lounge lighting must use switches and dimming devices to meet different day and night needs. Lighting flexibility in the recreation room is also particularly important as it allows the lounge to be used for different functions such as meeting, exhibition and dancing.

In bar lighting, suitable dimming and use of hidden spotlights, downlights and forms of hidden lighting are very popular. In addition, after the end of business, lighting should allow employees to clean well. The basic lighting in this area is recommended to use the metal halide light source above 3 meters, and the energy-saving downlight is recommended below 3 meters; and the focused lighting can be equipped with a halogen light source or a PAR light source, so that dimming and accent lighting can be used. Concealed lighting can be illuminated with T5 fluorescent tubes in warm or blue tones with indoor colors.

Second, the checkout counter, the front desk and the public service area

Key lighting is used to select features such as paintings to achieve good lighting. The checkout counter, front desk and public service area should have 300 to 500 lux of lighting. The use of a dimmer ensures that the level of illumination can be adapted to the needs of a variety of incidents or tasks.

1, room, bathroom, wine cabinet

Home away from home, or better than home? The hotel and hotel rooms are characterized by exquisite decoration and additional conveniences to create a comfortable feeling. Lighting should provide harmonious lighting in a suitable place in a manner that is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. Hotel and hotel rooms should give a family-like atmosphere to ensure that each guest feels comfortable during their stay. People in the hotel, hotel rooms will carry out a variety of activities, including reading, writing, watching TV, sleeping, showering or bathing, and even eating, because of its many different functional requirements, the key points of lighting design must be flexible, and The perfect combination of decoration and decoration. There should be a light fit for all situations, and it is possible to use all fixtures together with any selected brightness and intensity, or just use a portion, depending on the needs of the different activities.

Lighting scheme

The lighting of the hotel and hotel bedrooms can be illuminated by ceiling lamps and wall lamps, or bedside lamps with gauze covers. In a room with a desk, suitable table lighting should be provided. For general reading lighting, removable floor lamps or table lamps can be used.

Bedside lighting should provide sufficient light for reading and does not interfere with other people in the room. Attractive bedside lamps are usually the best choice, but they take up space and are easily damaged. If a wall bracket is used, it should be installed high enough to illuminate the person staying up in the bed from the top of the head.

The general lighting in the bathroom is usually combined with the front lighting. Very common, even five-star hotels and hotels use standard fluorescent lamps, but its color rendering is poor, resulting in a low-quality room image that makes people's skin green. Therefore, only a light source with good color rendering can be provided in the bathroom. It should be noted that the mirror headlights mounted vertically on each side of the mirror are superior to the typical lighting system placed on the top of the mirror.

2, entrance, lounge, corridor

The environment created by these areas is extremely important to reflect the image of hotels and hotels. The comfortable lighting environment creates good conditions for customers and makes them feel at home. The hotel, hotel entrance and lobby need to reflect the atmosphere of the welcome guests. Various visual tasks take place in this area. They include lighting effects that satisfy the guest's registration, checkout, writing and guiding. Therefore, local and accent lighting and warm-toned light can be used for this area, which helps to create a very welcoming atmosphere of the first impression and shows the characteristics of the hotel. In addition, additional emphasis should be placed on creating a sense of space through the form to create emotions and atmospheres, and artificial lighting can thus be used to reinforce the image of hotels and hotels.

Lighting scheme

By increasing the foreground illumination, the attention of the visitor is first attracted to it. It is recommended to use a compact fluorescent downlight or a T5 fluorescent light to match the local table illumination to meet the requirements, as they provide scattered light illumination and localized light and contribute to minimal reflection glare.

3. Safety lighting

Security lighting in hotels and hotels can reduce the incidence of crime and often provide good visibility to make guests feel at ease. Several factors affecting the choice of safe lighting: economic conditions, whether other safety systems are used (such as CCTV monitoring), the location of the lighting - indoors and outdoors, or both, priority protection.

Lighting scheme

The lighting here takes full advantage of the high luminous output and low energy consumption of T5 fluorescent grille panels or compact fluorescent energy-saving downlights. Can fully meet the needs of lighting. The minimum illumination is at least 5 lux, especially in areas where there is no adjacent illumination and the intruder must be perceived.

4. Reception room and business center

Unlike hotels and other areas of the hotel, the service area requires pleasant and high-quality work lighting. Bearing in mind the overall environment and comfort level of hotels and hotels, lighting focuses on the specific tasks that need to be operated. The role of the hotel, hotel service area such as the front desk and business center is to facilitate the business needs of the guests. Services are provided from printing, faxing, photocopying to renting personal computers for typing and connecting to the Internet. Many activities involved in hotel and hotel service areas require work lighting with special visual needs and require proper lighting design.

Lighting scheme

The service area requires high quality work lighting. The focus should be on providing uniform illumination of approximately 500 lux with proper color rendering performance. Fluorescent lamps for use with specular reflectors are ideal for conventional lighting. Can also use compact energy-saving downlights

5. Building front, swimming pool, activity place

If there is an extended awning at the main entrance, use the floodlighting on the front of the building and complement the attractive design of the lighting on the markings. The recommended illumination under the awning is at least 200 lux. They are a common environmental area outside the hotel and the hotel, where guests can relax and enjoy life. Facade lighting is an invitation to future guests. Attracting the attention of potential customers from a distance is the basic needs of hotels and hotels. The displayed image provides general visual information about hotels and hotels: either a five-star hotel, hotel, or motel. Leisure facilities such as swimming pools and entertainment areas are often open after dark as an added bonus for guests. So for the lighting of this area and building facade we usually have to consider the following:

When designing lighting on the facade of a building, swimming pool or other outdoor activity area, you need to answer the following questions.
* What are the most important goals or areas that require lighting? How can I achieve the best lighting results?
* What color are the trees and flowers that need to be illuminated? The impact of the time and season of the installation operation must be considered.
* Does floodlighting provide adequate lighting for public roads? Or does the sidewalk require special lighting?
* It is necessary to focus on lighting the flowers and trees in the garden to enhance the tropical atmosphere. This atmosphere in Asia is very popular among tourists.

Lighting scheme

Building facade lighting can be achieved with floodlights or floodlights with anti-glare grilles. A luminaire that is mounted on a wall bracket or pole, but structurally weathered with rain and sunlight can create a more intimate atmosphere. In addition to their appeal, they provide safe lighting for trails and steps. In addition, if there is a pond, the calm water in the pond is almost a perfect mirror, which can be used as an ideal reflection surface for trees, flowers and statues. When placing a floodlight, care should be taken not to reflect the luminaire in the water and not to produce glare.

Restaurant, kitchen

The purpose of the lighting of the restaurant and kitchen is to create an intimate environment that is relaxing and calm, and should be kept clean and hygienic. The hotel, hotel restaurant is the dining area of ​​the guests, but the kitchen is mainly limited to the use of the staff inside the restaurant (manager, chef and waiter), the restaurant must provide food service for customers at different times of the day. Every time you need to create a unique atmosphere. It's just that the change in decoration does not meet this requirement, and the use of artificial lighting is an easy way. The kitchen is actually a food studio, so it requires unshaded lighting.

Lighting scheme

In the restaurant, you can emphasize the intimacy by concentrating the light on the table instead of evenly illuminating the entire area or space. Keep the base lighting low (minimum 50 lux), but use downlights to increase the local brightness on the table, or use a candle to create a flashing candlelight effect. Many restaurants use a simple T5 stand with a warm color temperature (2700K) fluorescent light source for hidden combination decoration (construction of atmosphere) lamps to illuminate the restaurant, and other high-end restaurants can use electronic ballasts and dimming control systems.

On the other hand, kitchen lighting should ensure that all surfaces are bright and the vertical brightness should be increased to make it easier to find things in the dishes. Additional local lighting is also needed to eliminate shadows caused by the dishes or people standing next to the kitchen work area. T5 waterproof and dustproof (IP65) fluorescent lamps are best suited for kitchen lighting.

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