Demystifying the wireless system in the American Country Music Academy Awards

In 2015, on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the American Country Music Academy Awards, the Country Music Academy decided to expand the scale of the 2015 awards show, which brought huge systems for the various systems of the stage, from PA systems to wireless systems. Design challenges. The show hired Dave Bellamy from Soundtronics, a wireless system, as the RF coordinator, responsible for all wireless communications related to the show, including microphones and in-ear monitoring systems.

The main wireless provider is ATK Audiotek, a California-based company. The event required more than 40 wireless microphone channels, 26 of which were used for Shure equipment, including the 4-channel Axient system. In addition, all 20 channel in-ear monitoring systems use Shure's PSM1000 system. The complex antenna design required is based on Soundtronics' proprietary Phoenix 8 system.

“The space is very large, which will affect many things,” Bellamy said. “The distance between the two stages is 270 feet. We also need to cover the wireless network elsewhere, such as the auditorium and the small truck stage. Lucky However, we have sufficient up-front preparation time to set up the system so that the system can cope with the challenges of working in such open space. For live TV, the design of the wireless system must be based on the best equipment. That's why we use the Shure PSM 1000 for every in-ear monitor source. Other in-ear systems are hard to match. We also chose Shure's Axient and UHF-R series as our default wireless. microphone."

Axient has excellent selection performance and unique frequency diversity switching capabilities that are consistently performed throughout the show. Keith Urban and Eric Church used the AXT200 handheld transmitter to shine in the opening show, Kenny Chesney (using KSM9/HS microphones) and Diirks Bentley (using SM58 microphones) and Brad Paisley (using SM58 microphones) closing performances This device is used in China.

“Because our open spectrum range is extremely limited, I assigned the Axient series to the opening performance, and Mark King (the sound engineer) also strongly agrees,” Bellamy said. “In fact, both the RF1 and RF2 positions were throughout the show. Using this series of products, we use frequency diversity mode with pre-programmed second frequency to prevent interference. Of course, frequency switching does not occur. There are two reasons: first, the performance of Axient system selection; second, when When you do everything, accidents will never happen."

Axient guarantees that all actors can use their favorite performance microphones, and the superior performance of Shure equipment dominates the night. The best band of the year, Little Big Town (UR2/SM58), co-host and artist of the year Luke Bryan (UR2/SM58) and the duo of the year, Florida Georgia Line (UR2/Beta58) used Shure equipment .

As always, the SM58 Vocal Microphone and UR2 Handheld Transmitter are the first choice for many artists, including Martina McBride, Garth Brooks, Brooks & Dunn, George Strait, Sam Hunt and Rascal Flatts. Alan Jackson chose the Beta 58A mic, and Dan + Shay used the KSM9 mic in a joint performance with Nick Jonas.

Throughout the live broadcast, Dave Bellamy was very satisfied with the performance of the wireless system. “I didn’t hear any complaints about the quality of the signal or sound,” he said. “Of course, with Shure products, this is expected. The spectrum resources are getting tighter and we need to cover the stadium. Many rooms, but in this show, all wireless systems are so perfect."

Patrick Baltzell is responsible for the sound design and production of large-scale performances, which Bellamy praises. “Patrick has a very high definition in the space where the reverb effect is obvious. This is a great feat in the history of system design engineering. He did a great job this time,” Bellamy said.

The broadcast music mixers are Eric Schilling and Biff Dawes, and audio production mixer Mark King uses the signals they output for TV broadcasts. Jeff Peterson mixes the music for Steve Anderson's production mixer in the stadium. The monitor mix was performed on two stages by industry veterans Tom Pesa and Mike Parker. Headquartered in Dallas, Keller McCrary and Kelly Moore coordinate external wireless networks, and the company is also the RF frequency coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys. “They offer a lot of key local knowledge and we work very happy together,” says Dave Bellamy.

The 50th American Country Music Academy Awards created the Guinness World Record with the highest attendance (70,252) in all awards, perfectly demonstrating the stunning effects of the Texas Big Mac. Shure’s artist relationship manager Ryan Smith, who is in charge of the Nashville area, attended the celebration. “This show has created the first of many country music history, and it’s very enjoyable to see so many Shure products appear here,” Ryan said. “We are very proud to be part of country music. It is a great honor to be able to participate in this event."

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