You can also challenge the limits and use VR to participate in the International Obstacle Contest.

The Tough Mudder is an endurance challenge where participants must successfully travel 10 to 12 miles (about 16 to 19 kilometers) of military obstacles, usually during the Spring Festival every year. The challenge was originally designed by two British graduate students from Harvard Business School.

For normal people, this is a challenge to their own, but for people like Allison Tai, the game is difficult to climb, and surprisingly she completed the game. Allison Tai was hit by a truck in 2006, causing damage to the back, pelvis and arms. It took her a year and a half to recover before she could move her finger. How did she complete this human endurance challenge?

Tai is using the VRtually There website and participated in the competition through the latest VR technology. You can experience the competition in the International Obstacle Contest from a 360-degree perspective.

The difficulty of the International Obstacle Contest is unquestionable, and projects such as enduring tear gas and walking through the fire circle are unimaginable. By participating in the contest through VR, you can also feel the fear of high altitude, electric shock, hot and cold. When you can overcome such a thorough and scary fear, you will have a strong sense of accomplishment. Reinvent yourself.

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