3D Interactive VR Retail Platform Outward Receives $5 Million Financing

3D Interactive VR Retail Platform Outward Receives 5 Million U.S. Dollar Financing from Baidu VR

California company Outward, which is dedicated to providing retailers with commodity solutions, has launched a 3D platform that allows customers to create and manage realistic interactive digital experiences through digital channels.

The platform will allow Outward's customers to use virtual reality or augmented reality to deploy collaborative space planning tools or immersive experiences for their target consumers, while helping companies test whether their business models have promise.

Since its inception in 2012, Outward has been dedicated to providing retailers with commodity solutions. Although previously unknown in the industry, Outward received a $5 million financing in Outward's most recent round of B. The investor was Merus Capital. The total capital of the company so far has reached 12 million U.S. dollars.

It is understood that Outward has launched a brand new 3D platform that allows users to create and manage interactive content through multiple digital channels, including “photo-level real”, “interactive digital experience” and so on. Experience. Users can build a VR/AR world through the platform, deploy collaborative space planning tools and immersive experiences for their target consumers, and provide feedback on whether the company's business model can meet expectations based on testing. This will also be a brand new attempt to break the tradition.

Clarence Chui, co-founder and executive director of Outward, said: “We have created end-to-end visual technology to reduce the need for simple photos while maximizing customer digital marketing in new areas. The world today needs a new model. The budget and transportation methods have not changed, but the consumer chain of the industrial chain has changed for many years, and manufacturers can now create almost everything.We understand how to bridge the gap between production and sales. Wherever consumers and brands Interaction, we all provide a stable buying experience."

In fact, Outward's platform will greatly increase the customer's digital marketing channels. If the budget does not change and the product does not change, but the customer's expectations have changed, the manufacturer can satisfy almost all of the users through this platform. need. Outward's launch of the platform is precisely the difference between manufacturing and sales.

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