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In Europe and the United States, the system of credit systems has been well established. Credit card payments and paypal payments are customary payment methods for foreign customers. However, the use of paypal often results in the account being frozen. What is the reason? Paypal is not a bank or a credit card organization. It is a separate third party payment, and its policy often changes. Specifically, what kind of policy is only paypal internal personnel? It is known that there are a series of strict restrictions on the use of paypal. For example, withdrawals must be left with a 30% margin, and if they are taken, they will be frozen immediately. Once frozen, it is quite troublesome if the merchant is to make virtual products (game equipment, game cards, etc.) It is basically impossible to thaw after being frozen. Perhaps because paypal has discriminated against Chinese accounts, it is generally unnecessary to recommend that merchants not use this channel.

Many merchants with paypal accounts also have credit card payment channels. Once paypal is frozen, it is immediately replaced with a credit card channel. The refusal to pay the credit card is relatively troublesome, requiring the user to apply to the bank, and will leave a record in the user's bank, and the user will not be unreasonably troubled under normal circumstances. The third is that sellers can do more work to prevent the appearance of malicious refusal, such as keeping a record of the content of the communication between the two parties. When the amount is larger, the other party is required to fax the positive and negative sides of the credit card. This can effectively prevent malicious refusal. You can also intentionally circumvent certain malicious customers who refuse to pay in more serious areas. The advantage of doing so is that when the bank presents the survey form, you can use these items to reject the user’s refusal to pay you.

In countries such as Europe and America, the credit system has been well established. Credit card spending is closely related to people’s lives, learning, work, and social life. The use of credit card consumption relates to people’s credit records, while the paypal account is not the same, which is also paid with paypal. different. There is a provision in credit card organizations that, as long as the credit card is rejected, it is bound to brush on the credit history of the cardholder, regardless of whether it has maliciously refused to pay. This means that no one will easily refuse to pay. Once the application is refused, the issuing bank and third-party companies providing credit card access will also be involved in the investigation, which is quite troublesome for cardholders. This is why credit cards can effectively avoid refusal payments. According to statistics of credit card organizations, the credit card refusal rate is only 3/10000.

Nowadays, many foreign trade companies have encountered the problem that foreigners must pay with credit cards. Many people do not understand what is going on. In fact, they are opening a credit card payment channel in China, and customers can pay directly by credit card. The payment is convenient for the payer, reduces the cost and time, the payee is also easy to manage, but also the payment after the first payment, of course, this way of collection is only suitable for retail merchants and some open SOHO shop, wholesale Classes such as collecting sample fees or small orders are also suitable.

The paypal channel is a direct transaction between the merchant's paypal account and the customer's paypal account. The money in the PAYPAL account is charged by the credit card. The credit card channel is a payment channel developed by a third party payment in cooperation with banks and credit card organizations. Foreign customers can directly enter the relevant credit card information through this channel. The payment is more convenient.

In any case, credit card spending and credit card receipts have become a trend in the foreign trade online store industry. Choosing a good credit card channel must be a good choice for foreign trade shop owners to increase their performance. At present, there are several well-established credit card payment channel companies in the country, such as Shouxin and IPS. However, these websites can only access the company's website and cannot access personal websites. The emerging one is Guangzhou's double-dumping payment (95epay), which has developed rapidly and has relatively loose access. In particular, the success rate can reach 90%, which is the highest in the current credit card channel.

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