Osram's lighting business is partially demolished: the new name indicates new developments

[Text / high-tech LED Yue Mengdi] Osram, the world's leading lighting company, continues to advance in the division of lighting business division. After the OSRAM Board of Directors decided to spin off the Lighting Division in June 2015, the name of the new company is now finalized. “We combined 'LED' with 'advance' and added the newly established (Lighting Division) company to LEDVANCE,” said OSRAM CEO Olaf Berlien. “This name reflects the LED market in the lighting market. The trend also expresses that LEDVANCE will actively develop and seize development opportunities."

LEDVANCE's products include traditional lighting, LED lighting and standard direct light sources, as well as some smart lighting solutions for smart homes and smart buildings. The Danish Jes Munk will be the leader of LEDVANCE, and after leading the OSRAM North American market, Jes Munk took the helm of Osram's lighting business for more than a year. Oliver Neubrand is responsible for finance, Erol Kirilmaz is responsible for sales and marketing, Peter Mannhart is responsible for operations, and Bettina Kahr-Geleng is responsible for human resources.

“Working side by side with this experienced and active and efficient international management team, and more than 10,000 business-savvy and responsible employees, I am confident to lead LEDVANCE into a stable and successful future,” Hansen said he believes The market for standardized direct-source light products has great growth opportunities.

LEDVANCE is currently in a good condition, the company has an elite international sales team, the comprehensive professional ability in the construction and business of the lighting factory is relatively strong, at the same time, LEDVANCE can also use Osram and Xi Wannian at the future product level. s brand.

As an independent company with a leaner structure and more freedom, LEDVANCE can respond more quickly to market conditions and individual customer needs. “In this way, we are more likely to be a customer-centric company,” Hansen said.

The previous spin-off plan has not changed: before April 1, 2016, the lighting business will be separated from the OSRAM Group and planned to be legally split on June 1, 2016. Starting June 1, 2016, OSRAM's luminaires, direct-light sources and smart lighting solutions will all be sold under the brand name LEDVANCE. (click to read the original)

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