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People want to choose personalized health care. In order to achieve this goal, we must let big data participate in deciphering and analyzing the individual's thinking and needs. In addition to being a buzzword in an industry, how successful can big data be for healthcare workers and consumers?

The following infographics were created by Evariant, which illustrate the trends and benefits that will result when big data is effectively managed (Evariant is a leading company providing big data services to hospitals).

Big data has brought tremendous advances to the healthcare industry. In the past few decades, big data has deeply affected every business, including the healthcare industry. Today, a lot of data can make healthcare more efficient and more personalized.

How does big data change the industry? The effective use of big data can add $300 million to the healthcare industry.

[Science] Nine pictures help you read big data medical

Improve efficiency and reduce waste

[Science] Nine pictures help you read big data medical

Improve efficiency for hospitals, medical systems and medical offices; reduce waste.

It is estimated that the amount of big data established in the two days of 2015 is more than the amount of big data established since the beginning of 2003.

Ability to predict medically infectious diseases (increased to 90%)

[Science] Nine pictures help you read big data medical

The application of big data enhances the ability to predict epidemics (analyze big data to predict epidemic diseases to achieve 70-90% accuracy), treat disease, improve quality of life, and issue warning signals earlier.

Through big data, you can get a more complete understanding of the health history of patients, but here is only a part of...

Big data trends and practical applications

[Science] Nine pictures help you read big data medical

Big data can improve people's understanding of public health, a more comprehensive understanding of personal hygiene, analysis of health patterns based on race, gender, age and region, and the ability to learn and implement preventive treatment more quickly.

Information on smartphone apps and smart bracelets, as well as other medical data, can be shared with doctors in real time.

Clinical Trials

[Science] Nine pictures help you read big data medical

The vast amount of data available today can help researchers select test topics more accurately and selectively.

Large pharmaceutical companies now share data. Data sharing opens a door to medical breakthroughs.

Researchers have recently discovered that a common antidepressant, desipramine, can treat certain types of lung cancer.

Personalized medicine

[Science] Nine pictures help you read big data medical

Big data allows medicine to be customized based on individual genes.

Comparing a person's genetic structure and living habits with other people's data allows doctors to predict health problems and make the best decisions.

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