High inventory is the main reason! February panel gains slowed

The market research institute IHS announced the latest panel quote in February. After the Chinese New Year, the inventory of mainland TV manufacturers was high. In February, the bargaining power of panel buyers and sellers increased. The price of small and medium sized TV panels below 43 持 was flat, with some falling slightly. The demand for large-size TV panels remained strong, with 55 吋 and 65 吋 panels still witnessing increases of 2 5 5 US dollars in a single month.

Only the demand for large-sized TV panels is still strong
After experiencing strong panel movements in the second half of last year, the atmosphere of supply and demand for TV panels changed in February. IHS said that the sales of Yuanchun, a mainland TV company, were not as expected, making TV machine inventory on the roadway increase. The higher inventory sizes were 40-inch, 43-inch, 49-inch, 50-inch and 55-inch TV panels. TV makers started in February. Start repairing panel orders to adjust inventory.
TV makers have raised the bargaining power between the panel makers because they had previously suffered huge increases in panel prices, profitability has been severely reduced, and inventory problems have also arisen. Overall, the 32-inch, 40-inch, and 43-inch panels had the most price pressure because of their previous gains. In February, the price was flat, and some 32-inch panels also slightly reduced the price by about 0.5 US dollars. The price increase of 49-inch and 55-inch panels also narrowed, rising by about 2 US dollars. Only the 65-inch panel has a relatively limited supply due to strong demand, and it can maintain an upward trend of 5-10 US dollars.

Panel gains slowed in February 2017
It is worth noting that last year's TV panel prices soared, making TV makers lose pressure. In the North American and European markets, some of the access vendors agreed to increase the TV unit price to reflect the cost, and the impact of price increases on subsequent sales would be further observed. Sharp, on the other hand, switched to its own brand supply this year, but Sharp's TV sales will determine the panel's capacity to go, and will affect the future supply and demand of the TV panel market.
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