Qualcomm will launch the first batch of custom chips in the Chinese market this year.

Beijing time on June 5 evening news, Reuters reported today that Qualcomm plans to sell the first batch of smart phone chips customized for the Chinese market this year.

David Deyong, senior director of product management at Qualcomm, told reporters at the Taipei International Computer Show today that the three chipsets released by Qualcomm in February this year will be the first to be applied to Chinese mobile phones. Deyong said: "In the second half of this year, we will launch the first products customized for the Chinese market."

According to research firm Strategy AnalyTIcs, Qualcomm is the world's largest smartphone chip maker based on revenue, but most of its chips are used in high-end smartphones such as the Apple iPhone.

But the latest earnings report shows that Qualcomm's last quarter revenue growth fell to its lowest level since 2010, mainly because high-end smartphone sales in developed countries slowed, while cheap phones sold in emerging markets are still growing. .

China is the world's largest smartphone market. Deyong said: "We are a Western company. We have been operating in the Chinese market in the Western model. Now, we will start from the beginning."

Deyong also said that Chinese mobile phone manufacturers are actively competing in pricing 4G mobile phones, which makes Qualcomm somewhat surprised. For example, a 4G phone sells for only 799 yuan (about 130 dollars).

Deyong said: "For us, to achieve real success in the Chinese market, we must be localized. In the past everything went directly from the United States. From now on, all products will come from China and then expand to all around the world."

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