Comparative Analysis of American Lights vs European Lights

The European-style lamps that are available in the market are actually American antique lamps or American neoclassical. Now carefully scrutinize it and find that this statement is not accurate. In fact, the real European-style lights, should be passed from Europe and America over the sum of all lighting, including European classical, European modern, minimalist European, American and American modern classic and so on. Therefore, strictly speaking, crystal lamps, marble lamps, wrought iron lamps, and modern lamps all have European and American shadows.

Therefore, the popular name is now, the European lamp is not equal to the American lamp, the American lamp is not equal to the European lamp, and it is somewhat confusing.

Small American enamel copper lamp

Nowadays, many people mention the small American style and immediately associate the copper lamp. In the interview, the manufacturer almost mentioned the small American style, and regarded it as a copper lamp.

In fact, the small American style is not equal to the copper lamp, but the sum of all the American lamps suitable for the height of 2.8 meters. For example, Effie is a typical representative of a small American. General Manager Wang Jin told the author that he understands the small American style, in fact the American minimalist style, classical and modern style, whether it is wrought iron, resin, or copper.

From the perspective of copper lamps, Baohui, Jinda, Knock, Luxury, and Sir Ge are actually typical representatives. And the small American style, Effie has been in the limelight, Nanjing's specialty stores have reached more than 300 square meters, Chengdu also opened a store in Huahuang and brilliant.

The future of small American or copper lamps

There are three trends in the future of small American or copper lamps:

The concept of small American or copper lamps will continue to be confused. Although the industry media has been clarified, the market will not be able to correct it in the short term.

The market for small American or copper lamps will continue to expand, but will not account for a large proportion of the entire market. A large number of followers quickly hid over, prices will continue to decrease, and market competition will heat up in six months. A large number of dealers will follow, but most people don't know who to sell and how to sell. This confusion in turn caused Xiaomei to fall into a new quagmire. A group of outstanding brands will stand out and win by development and manufacturing strength. A large number of followers will die on the road.

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