“Responsive” vibration sensor in the shutter protection circuit

This is a shutter protection circuit with a sensitive vibration sensor and a piezoelectric sensor. The circuit is designed for outlets to defend against theft. It recognizes any mechanical or acoustic vibrations, and in its area, when someone tries to break the shutter, it instantly turns on a light and gives an alarm. A 15-minute delay after the switch makes it possible for the exporter or shopkeeper to close the shutter for a sufficient time.

The front-end circuit was designed with a well-known binary timer counter CD4060 (IC1) integrated circuit to produce the remaining circuit switching time delay of 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, resistors R3 and R4 and capacitor C2 will output the nine squares high. Diode D1 rejects the clock input (Pin 11) to maintain the output high until the power supply is turned off. The flashing of LED1 marks the oscillation of IC1.

Using the high output from IC1, the reset pin of IC2 is enabled to operate freely. Transistor T1 amplifies the piezoelectric sensor signal and triggers monostable IC2. A common piezoelectric element acts as a small capacitor and bends the free-reacting mechanical vibration, making the output of IC2 prefix for a period of time until high operation is based on the biased transistor T1.

In standby mode, the alarm circuit construction is close to IC3's accommodation is invalid because it does not get current. Timing sections R8 and C6 produce high IC2 output minutes for three periods.

When any mechanical vibration or even slight movement affects the piezoelectric element, pin 2 of flip-flop IC2 temporarily changes its condition and IC2's output will be high. This triggers the activation of the thyristor 1 and the alarm circuit. The triac BT136 completes activation through the resistor R9 gate light circuit. The ICUM3561 (IC4) produces an analog siren as its oscillating control resistor and the tone of R11. The generation of integrated circuit sound provides a stable 3.1V DC Zener diode ZD1.

Construct a general-purpose circuit board on this shutter guard circuit and enclose a suitable, shock-proof box that uses a single-core shielded wire to connect the piezoelectric element to the circuit. Is the fine of the piezoelectric components around? ? Glue a round rubber washer and attach the frame facing the washing machine to ensure that the piezo element is versatile and feels the shock of the shutter frame. Place the outside of the lamp and speaker and the rest of the box. Consider that the thyristor application circuit, the highest score in the PCB, is likely to have a deadly potential in the power supply. So, this really does not recommend touching any part of the circuit while trying.

Vibration sensor

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