The relationship between the trend of the automotive industry and the ultra-universal power IC series for vehicles

1. The era of automotive electronics

In recent years, the electronicization of automobiles has developed rapidly. There are more and more "high-tech" electronic devices around the car, and the proportion of electronic control and electric equipment is very large compared with the era when traditional mechanical control is relatively large. Moreover, it is expected that the electronic demand for automobiles will remain strong in the future. It is now expected that the sales volume of automobiles will increase by 3-4% per year by 2020, compared with the increase in sales of electronic components of automobiles, which is 7-8% per year. Growth (Figure 1, Figure 2).


Figure 1 Schematic diagram of the number of cars sold in the year (calculated and drawn in 2013 as “1”)


Figure 2 Schematic diagram of sales of power ICs for automotive electronic components (calculated and plotted in 2013)

There are three main reasons for the electronicization of automobiles.

The first keyword is “environmental protection”. It plays a significant role in the popularization of HV (hybrid vehicles) and EVs (electric vehicles) to ordinary vehicles. In addition, the competition for low fuel consumption among various automobile manufacturers is also intensifying. These breakthroughs are supported by a number of technical factors, one of which is based on the control of "high-tech" electronic components. Taking low fuel consumption as an example, it involves the adjustment of the fuel injection amount and the adjustment of each control valve, and the efficiency of the generator. This factor is the backing for contributing to environmental protection. The enumerated items are all realized by complicated and thorough electronic control. Of course, with the popularization of HV and EV and the improvement of fuel consumption performance, the electronic equipment to be mounted will continue to increase.

The second keyword is "Information and Comfort." It is as important as the development of mobile devices represented by the popularity of smartphones. This development trend is also pouring into the automotive field. In addition to travel tools, cars are more regarded as daily necessities, and their intelligence is constantly evolving. You can download your favorite music and easily get the destination information on the road. In order to realize these functions, many communication-related electronic components are required. In addition, with regard to the improvement of comfort, the smart key for opening and closing the door and starting the engine without the need of a key is generally popularized in a general vehicle, and the interior of the vehicle is increasingly becoming a more comfortable space.

The last keyword is the "safety" that cars can't be lacking. For many years, the safety of automobiles has been adopted to take measures to enhance the rigidity of the frame and the cushioning during impact, and the risk of airbags on the movement of passengers. However, in recent years, as the performance of electronic devices has increased, countermeasures have been started to focus on "front" of danger occurrences, such as an anti-collision device, lane recognition for maintaining the traveling position of the vehicle, and the like. By improving the accuracy and operational reliability of on-board cameras and on-board sensors, today's electronic devices for driving safety have been established as an important field. It is expected that safety devices of various functions will be developed and put into the market in the future.

As mentioned above, the three development areas of “environmental protection”, “information and comfort” and “safety”, which are vital to the automobile, are mostly realized through electronic control and electric systems. Undoubtedly, the development of these fields will be more in the future. Strongly promote the tide of automotive electronics (Figure 3).


Figure 3 Three Key Words Around Automotive Electronics

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