Pan-home integration: the cross-border of lighting enterprises needs to be based on their own positioning

[Text / LED lighting channel Luo Shenghua] At present, LED home lighting and pan-home brand integration is a hot issue of lighting companies.

As far as the current LED lighting industry is concerned, due to the relative excess of production capacity among peers, it is difficult for companies to compete with each other and to a certain extent hinder the sharing of resources among industries. Even if some companies have integrated resources on the upper, middle and lower reaches of the LED, they still stay in the industry, and the limitations are relatively large.

On the other hand, with the increase in awareness of LEDs and the enhancement of product quality and price decline, LEDs have begun to penetrate into the field of home lighting.

In general, “Pan Home” integrates all related industries by surrounding the core area of ​​“home”. Under the "pan-home" mode, lighting companies can "jump" out of the lighting circle, and cooperate with furniture, kitchen and bathroom, doors and windows, building materials, ceramics and other enterprises to jointly develop their respective advantages, and ultimately achieve the development of the group.

From this point of view, LED home lighting and pan-home integration can be described as right.

In fact, as far as the store itself is concerned, the comprehensive store with building materials and homes is more attractive to people because of the one-stop service. "Compared to the professional store, the comprehensive store is the main sales channel for future home lighting products." Sanxiong? Aurora Shenzhen distributor Lin Shangyao told the high-tech reporter.

As Lin Shangyao said, from the characteristics of the store itself, compared to professional lighting stores, the integrated store can provide customers with one-stop shopping needs, which is in line with the home lighting that is suitable for retail.

From the perspective of enterprise demand, similar to the domestic first-line lighting brands such as Sanxiong, Aurora and NVC Lighting, a brand that develops to a certain extent will inevitably expect to achieve greater breakthroughs in self, while home stores will be derivative and stronger. Power can play a very complementary role. Sanxiong? Aurora and other enterprises began to force home lighting is a good embodiment.

On the other hand, the production of products will eventually be guided by the sales of products, while NVC, Sanxiong, Aurora and other enterprises have superior advantages in traditional channel resources, but these advantages are mainly reflected in the project, compared to the comprehensive store. These advantages are not obvious for home lighting.

In fact, companies such as NVC Lighting must have recognized these issues when they are working on home lighting. Therefore, in 2009, NVC Lighting and Nature Flooring jointly announced the establishment of the “Champion Alliance” and began to test the joint marketing of the water-based home sector.

However, although joint marketing has gradually emerged, it is not easy to adopt a marketing method that integrates various factors such as stores, dealers, and enterprises.

“Comprehensive stores have very high requirements for merchants. Take Baianju as an example. If you want to enter, you must pass the assessment of the brand awareness, product reputation and turnover of the merchants.” Ye Wenfang, an agent from Shenzhen, told reporters.

On July 10, 2014, the “2014 China LED Lighting and Pan-Family Industry Cross-border Summit” jointly hosted by Gaogong LED and China (Guangzhou) International Building Decoration Expo will be held at Guangzhou Pazhou Canton Fair. At that time, the LED lighting and home and building materials industry will discuss the issues of how LED lighting products can be better integrated with the pan-home.

The 16th China (Guangzhou) International Building Decoration Expo (hereinafter referred to as “Guangzhou Construction Expo”), which is known as the “Asian Building Materials First Exhibition”, will be imported and exported in Guangzhou China from July 8th to 11th, 2014. The trade fair pavilion is held.

The exhibition area of ​​this year's Guangzhou Construction Expo covers more than 340,000 square meters, including integrated home exhibition area, whole wood home decoration exhibition area, wardrobe exhibition area, kitchen exhibition area, door and window exhibition area, architectural decoration hardware exhibition area, Weitao exhibition area, floor material exhibition and staircase exhibition area, decoration Glass exhibition area, glass technology, machinery, equipment, tools/accessories and materials exhibition area, ceiling decoration area, wall decoration/wallpaper, fabric/soft package exhibition area, wall decoration/wallpaper, fabric/soft package exhibition area, etc. A lot.

Gaogong LED will also showcase the latest LED indoor lighting products in the booth of L25 booth in Hall 1.2 of this exhibition to help enterprises expand their home improvement and tooling channels.

It is understood that similar to the comprehensive stores such as B&Q, the main business is to collect the business share of the merchants, which has high requirements for product sales. The sales of the product are linked to the brand influence and the product itself. Therefore, in addition to merchants and stores, joint marketing has higher requirements for enterprises.

“I feel that each brand has its own positioning, especially for home, the systematic information research and accurate product positioning are very important.” Lin Shangyao believes that companies want to do joint marketing must understand what they are targeting Target customer.

On the other hand, with the improvement of people's consumption level, consumers are increasingly demanding home lighting products. "The pan-home sector has a very high demand for trendy styles. Enterprises must do well in this market. In addition to the influence of the brand and the quality of the products, the design capability of the appearance is also very important." Lin Shangyao said.

Although the joint marketing road is difficult, the “pan-home heat”, “whole home heat” and “big home heat” throw away the new signs of industry development. So far, to what extent has “pan-home” been reached? Is it just “wind-up”? Or has it “destroyed”? How do mid- to high-end LED lighting fit into the pan-home system?

With these questions, "2014 China LED Lighting and Pan-Home Furnishing Industry Cross-border Summit" invited the pan-home industry to answer them one by one.

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