Received Apple Sapphire Screen Inspection Order Taiwan Factory Wanrun Equipment is optimistic about revenue in the second half of the year

Wanrun, a Taiwanese equipment factory, has benefited from Apple's innovative development needs, and has received the demand for ASEY fingerprinting and image sensing packaging and testing equipment. Due to the development of GTAT, the sapphire screen has been greatly expanded. Wanrun cooperated with GTAT to produce sapphire screen flatness AOI inspection orders, and had the opportunity to join Wanrun's revenue contribution in the second half of the year.

Apple invested in GTAT to develop sapphire panels. After the iPhone 5S adopts Sapphire HOME, it plans to prepare the required capacity for the next two sizes of iPhone 6. It is estimated that the total shipments will be 90 million, of which the high-end version will likely use sapphire. On the screen, the equipment factory Wanrun has obtained the equipment order demand for the flat panel inspection. The legal person estimates that it will ship near the time when Apple releases new products, and will contribute to Wanrun's revenue in the fourth quarter.

In addition, Wanrun benefited from the demand for Apple's fingerprint identification equipment. This year, the company's revenue in the first four months of this year has been growing for the first time. The accumulated revenue of the previous four months was NT$307 million. The growth rate from the previous three months was 2.98%.

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Automotive Cable Assembly

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