Achieve 1+1>2 New Terri cross-border integration or casting "channel aircraft carrier"

[High-tech reporters / LED lighting channel Zhou Jianhua] Under the situation that China's individual industry gradually loses its cost advantage, cross-border alliance will be an inevitable trend of the future development of the industry. The lighting industry can only play a huge advantage if it integrates this "ship" into the "aircraft carrier" battle group of the pan-home. Otherwise, the development space of the entire industry will gradually decrease. Therefore, it can be concluded that the future of cross-border alliance is the development trend, and the integration of lighting by pan-home integration is also inevitable.

The "one-stop" shopping concept has completely activated the "pan-home" body, and major companies have gradually embarked on the benign development track of "pan-home". Throughout this year's home furnishing industry, whether it is building materials traders or major supermarkets, in the face of strict real estate policy regulation, but also face the pressure of rising raw material prices.

Under the influence of many factors, many companies in the home market have adopted the marketing model of “cross-border alliance”, sharing information and channels, coordinating the preferential products of different products and brands, and then pushing them in the form of alliances. The market, unified propaganda, unified activities, unified discounts, use the power of “carrying the group” to counter the impact of the market, thus making each member company more competitive.

Moreover, consumers have turned from focusing on product features to focusing on spatial matching in the past, and are striving for peace of mind, which has enabled major home furnishing companies and stores to do their best in marketing models.

“The trend of the future home industry is the overall home, not simply selling products. In the future, more and more soft-pack designers will appear, and consumers will be equipped with various soft-packs including lighting. It is a big trend in the future," said Sun Yue, chairman of Xintel Lighting.

On July 10th, 2014, Xintel Lighting will participate in the “2014 China LED Lighting” jointly organized by Gaogong LED, China (Guangzhou) International Building Decoration Expo and Guangbohui in the conference room No.1 of Area B of Guangzhou Pazhou Canton Fair. With the Pan-Home Furnishing Industry Cross-border Summit and the 2014 Gaogong LED Lighting Channel Conference, Sun Yue will deliver a keynote speech titled "Home Lighting, Non-Creative and Not Living", giving more answers.

Nowadays, the marketing methods of ceramics, sanitary ware enterprises and furniture and lighting companies are very common. Other privately-owned companies have also sought cooperation opportunities with “pan-home” companies to meet the needs of consumers and provide more convenient services. At present, the home improvement industry has entered the overall home era, and it is necessary to coordinate the design styles of kitchen, bathroom, floor, furniture and other factors according to the needs of consumers, in order to give consumers personalized service. Cooperation in various industries such as ceramics, furniture, home appliances, and lighting will increase in the future.

First, the alliance's enterprises can form a joint force and carry out all-round work. Second, alliance companies can share resources and integrate and improve. Third, in propaganda, the alliance approach can achieve the maximum utility of resources.

“Integrating resources requires thinking about the following questions: What are the decentralized resources that can be integrated and utilized? Where are the uses and best uses? Where are the common values ​​and associated points? Are the opportunities for restructuring and distribution mature, can they create opportunities for restructuring? Then Reassess the utility and value of integration, sort out missing resources and supplement resources.” Sun Yue added. If resources are properly integrated, the effect will outweigh the simple brand stacking effect.

In the future, the lighting industry will cut into the pan-home sector. At that time, the lighting industry will not discuss how the lamps and lanterns are developed and designed. More is to study the design of the whole family and space, which will include furniture, lamps and porcelain. This will be a very wide area.

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