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With the upsurge of Tesla’s entry into China, the relevant industries of the concept of pure electric vehicles in China have begun to receive attention. At present, the development of battery-powered pure electric vehicles has become a major trend in the automotive industry in various countries around the world. Under such an industry background, Shenzhen Jiyang Automation Technology Co., Ltd., an equipment manufacturing company that provides equipment for lithium-ion batteries (hereinafter referred to as " Jiyang” has achieved rapid development in recent years.

Yang Rukun, the founder of Jiyang, is a technical background. After graduating from college in 1991, he was engaged in the research work of intelligent industrial robots in the Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. In 2001, Yang Rukun decided that he would come to the Pearl River Delta and he had established companies such as robot automation and battery technology. In 2006, Yang Rukun aimed at the broad prospects for the development of lithium-ion batteries. He established Jiyang Company and began to provide domestic and foreign customers with complete solutions and related equipment for new energy equipment.

Better understand what they need than customers

In recent years, the state has introduced a series of policies for new energy vehicles. For Yang Rukun, who earlier involved the battery industry, it is expected that lithium batteries with large capacity will become the trend in the future, and the equipment industry surrounding lithium battery production will also usher in the trend. Develop opportunities. In his view, due to energy, environmental and other factors, zero-emission, non-polluting electric vehicles have become an inevitable trend of the inevitable, and the most critical of which is the development of battery systems, battery power systems It has been a bottleneck restricting the large-scale entry of electric vehicles into the market.

It is understood that many domestic lithium battery companies are gradually transforming from small batteries used in mobile phones and other areas to large-scale lithium batteries. As Jiyang entered the industry early, President He Dongying said that Chairman Yang Rukun is a well-known person in the lithium-ion battery industry. Yang Rukun, who has a scientific research base and has rich practical experience, has been preaching for the industry in recent years and has constantly expressed his opinions on the lithium battery industry.

Lithium battery production has more than 50 procedures, relatively speaking there should be more than 50 kinds of equipment, different customers have their own special requirements for the same equipment. Jiyang focuses on providing equipment for welding, winding, die cutting, laminating, and injecting liquids. Obviously, so many processes, relying on a single manufacturer to meet the needs of customers will certainly not work.

“The equipment is the most important for the production of lithium batteries, and it is also indispensable. According to the characteristics of lithium battery materials, models, varieties and the constantly changing quality requirements, we make the equipment modular, serial, and can be flexibly combined to adapt The requirements of different products," Yang Rukun said, the company has a combination of core technologies in electromechanical and electromechanical integration, mechanical and mechanical design technologies, intelligent control technologies, system integration technologies, and laser/welding/sensors and other multi-industry manufacturing technologies. Both have been carefully designed to meet the different needs of customers.

He Dongying told the "China Business" reporter: "We are standing on the perspective of customers to improve the level of lithium battery manufacturing technology, and always pay attention to the technical innovation and development of lithium batteries, more than customers understand their products need what kind of equipment , And how to design to help users improve product quality, manufacturing efficiency and consistency, only in this way can provide customers with excellent manufacturing solutions and satisfactory service."

Innovate for customer needs

According to Yang Rukun, in the production process of lithium-ion battery and super capacitor, the production process is a key process, because aluminum foil and copper foil poles are easy to deform and wrinkle, and both sides have a coating layer. After the production, The burr is large and easy to drop powder, the qualification rate of the production process is low, and the waste product is large. This is a big bottleneck problem.

In response to this problem, Jiyang has made up for the serious quality problems such as large burr and easy powder dropping through product development, and applied for a “Lithium Ion Power Battery Polar Plate Laser Cutting Machine” patent. The laser cutting machine adopts double The station improves the utilization of the laser by about one time.

“Yiyang is more aware of the needs of customers.” Yang Rukun believes that this is an important reason for the company to achieve today’s results. Researching customer resources in a timely manner, focusing on market demand, and engaging in targeted research and development, Jiyang's targeted innovative research model avoids the blindness of R&D and production links, and avoids the resources of one size fits all. Wasted, and achieved a targeted and virtuous circle of innovation and research and development.

Yang Rukun said that at the product level, Jiyang achieved breakthroughs in core products, assisted product support and peripheral products, and made efforts in the reliability, cost-effectiveness, operability, and appearance of core products to achieve continuous product optimization. upgrade. In addition, according to changes in the market situation, Jiyang Company adjusted its business strategy in a timely manner, retained the advantages of R&D and sales, and outsourced the ordinary manufacturing process to achieve continuous enhancement of its core competitiveness. For example, Suzhou Jiyang Automation Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Kunshan, Suzhou in 2010, becoming a market expansion, manufacturing and customer service center in the Yangtze River Delta region.

There are multiple paths to the technical solutions for the battery industry. Will the company's growth suffer from bottlenecks? He Dongying believes that the lithium battery market is very large, not only mobile phones such as small appliances and electric bicycles and electric vehicles and other fields are widely used, the corresponding lithium battery equipment manufacturers are also promising.

In He Dongying's view, when the overall industry market is at a low ebb, the implementation of internal strategic adjustments and the appropriate slowdown will just win more opportunities for the future. For example, the company summed up the past over-expansion and one-sided re-innovation, focusing on the market gains and losses, to highlight the advantages of the place, and further improve their own development model, and strengthen the market competitiveness.

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