BCM2040 Bluetooth circuit schematic

BCM2040: mouse and keyboard single-chip Bluetooth solution, integrated Bluetooth core processor and all applications and Bluetooth protocol stack, 8051 processor and RAM / ROM memory on board, fully compatible with Bluetooth SIG and human contact device indicators It is also compatible with V1.1 Bluetooth indicators, supports the main features of Bluetooth V1.2, including adaptive frequency hopping and fast connection, can be directly connected to optical mouse or spherical encoder and keyboard scanning matrix, can be used in personal computer mouse and keyboard.

US Recessed Tabletop Socket is the power outlet in American type plug could be with Single or Dual USB Ports, Internet Ports, Phone Ports and overload Protection. Also could accept OEM.

This kind of USB Power Outlet is will be easily for you to use the home appliance or phone charging.

Specifically, We have our own design and production team for USB Circuit Board design and produce.

US Recessed Tabletop Socket

USB Outlet Charger,USRecessed Tabletop Socket,USA Flush Mount Socket,Clamp Mount Power Strip

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