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In 2007, Apple Computer launched the iPhone in the United States, creating a wave of smartphone sales, and then the sales of smartphones have continued to rise. According to IMS Research market research, the market share of smartphones will exceed 25% in 2012. After 5 years, 1 out of every 4 mobile phones in the world is a smart phone or PDA phone ! At present, except for Nokia, Motorola, etc., major communication companies are actively introducing smart phones, HTC and Microsoft have entered the battle.

Analysis of the iPhone has caused a hot purchase trend. Its main feature is that the iPhone has a dazzling screen image, which not only has a wide and clear viewing angle performance, but also features the multi-point touch screen function at the same time. It also drives business opportunities for touch-sensitive display panels. Touch panels attract more consumer electronics products to imitate and adopt, including: mobile phones, NB, MP3, ultra-mini computers (UMPC), etc. Portable electronic equipment has gradually launched related applications .

In addition to touch technology, the key panel technology of mobile devices has also been gradually matured, so that the display requirements of mobile devices can have more choices. For example, flexible electronic paper manufacturers have developed color display technology As for the commercialized technology of AMOLED, mobile phones, digital cameras and other products have also been adopted one after another, making the technical battlefield of mobile device displays more and more exciting.

How to solve the power saving needs of mobile devices

New smart PDAs or mobile phones tend to incorporate multiple additional functions such as traditional mobile communications and multimedia ... including digital cameras (DSC), music players (MP3), video conferencing and global positioning systems, and even portable digital radio and television ... Etc. are integrated together. With many additional demands, different power supply voltages and current demands continue to increase, making power consumption an urgent problem to be solved.

How to reduce the packaging space and support larger power output at the same time? For example, the integrated power-system-on-a-chip design of parts will help the efficiency of mobile phone power application; how to achieve the most Better efficiency, and extend the battery power supply time, while reducing power supply noise interference? Among them need to pay attention to related power solutions.

For example, when selecting power management systems such as charging control, battery monitoring, battery protection, etc., carefully configure power conversion components, such as switching power converters based on inductors and built-in FET switches, to ensure overall efficiency; depending on different wisdom Mobile phone parts are designed with different power requirements. For example, considering the use of voltage-controlled oscillators (VCO) and phase-locked loops (PLL) for radio frequency, very low noise and high power rejection ratio are required.

In addition, the switching frequency of the DC converter, as well as its 2nd and 3rd order harmonics, should be kept in the intermediate frequency band. Using dynamic / adaptive voltage adjustment technology (DVS / AVS), the processor and voltage regulator in the closed loop system can be connected to ensure the normal operation of the system, and the output voltage of the digital power supply can be dynamically adjusted to the minimum value.

The power amplifier will therefore be optimized to achieve maximum transmission power and maximum efficiency. The use of the latest process technology is conducive to rapid modification and the use of existing discrete component designs to provide semiconductor chips with different levels of integration. In addition, because of the new display technology OLED display, with its ultra-high contrast value, fast response time and wide viewing angle advantages, it expands market share, so it needs to be based on different materials such as polymers or small molecules, active or passive matrix control, current and Voltage drive technology, and different bias supply circuits ... etc., to evaluate different solutions.

The passive matrix display requires a set of power boost converters, the active matrix display requires positive / negative bias power supply ... etc., using a micro DC converter that can reduce the board area, auxiliary circuit analog output power required on the auxiliary circuit And reduce noise design, provide isolated power conversion function to ensure compliance with safety requirements of industrial applications and telecommunications, medical equipment, etc.

The use of integrated and distributed intelligent power system design, such as the use of similar bqJUNIOR chips, can collect all necessary information and can perform related logical calculations, which will help the development of related algorithms of the host processor of the system and reduce product development time. With cost. For example, the TIOMAP1710 application processor is a good match. Through the OMAP5910 embedded chip, you can obtain the required power information for effective energy saving and safety control.

Finally, it is recommended to use the power-system-on-a-chip (PSOC) integration function, which is relatively helpful for mobile communications, especially the integration of parts required for the development and development of high-end smart PDAs or mobile phones. The goal of streamlining parts for a multi-functional integrated system will not only greatly reduce manufacturing costs, reduce board area, streamline product assembly and manufacturing processes, system reliability testing will be shortened, but also help to integrate higher-level chips and develop process efficiency In order to accelerate product mass production and time to market, to ensure product competitiveness.

For example, the TPS65010 made by TI is a single-chip PSOC for power systems with high integration and high functionality. Specially supporting applications related to mobile communication power management needs, including PDAs, digital cameras, multimedia smartphones and other products; as long as the system uses a single lithium battery or lithium polymer battery, and includes multiple sets of power lines and advanced application processors, TPS65010 It can handle power system integration to achieve the best operating performance.

The TPS65010 can effectively reduce the circuit board area, at most only 1/3 of the circuit board area of ​​traditional circuit design, built-in 2 synchronous DC buck converters, integrated FET transistors, etc., for system power supply 1A conversion and processor core 400mA power supply conversion, 97% conversion efficiency in maximum operating mode.


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