Cheaper iPhone Latest Details

Cheaper iPhone Latest Details In addition to the iPhone 5S, the cheap version of the iPhone is also likely to be among Apple's plans for this year's release. After such immense success in the mid-to-high end of the iPhone, it is not unreasonable for Apple to launch a cheap version of the iPhone to take over the low-end market.

Earlier news that the cheap version of the iPhone will use a plastic body, and a variety of colors, with a 4-inch screen, the back will use a curved design similar to the iPhone 3GS. In recent days, the media has exposed the protective shell of the iPhone, which is said to be a cheap version. The shape of the protective case is also consistent with the rumor.

This protective case is made by MGM and can be seen from the spy photos with a slightly curved design on the back and edges. And compared with the protective shell of the iPhone 5 can be found, cheaper version of the iPhone is likely to be slightly thicker than the iPhone 5, and the iPhone 5 can not fit with this protective case. However, it is not yet possible to confirm the authenticity of this protective case, which may also be a prototype product designed by a protective shell manufacturer based on rumors.

By convention, Apple will release the next iPhone in September or October this year, but whether the cheap iPhone will come out together is still uncertain. Data shows that due to the high price of the iPhone, Apple cannot compete with Samsung, Nokia, HTC, and other low-end manufacturers in the developing market. So if Apple does not want to be too far away from competitors, it is reasonable to launch a cheap version of the iPhone.

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