Vocational college writes the words "to seek air conditioning"

Vocational college writes the words "to seek air conditioning" "Jiang Chengzi seeks air conditioning"

The university has strong heat-resistance fans and backs against the wall. Thousand acres of occupation, where can I take the cold? Do not say that the natural cool, into the bedroom, sauna, toss and dreams are difficult to incense. Sweat skirts, bed hot! Looking to the moon lake, only Khan thousand lines. Expected to be even longer this summer, equipped with air conditioning! President Zhou!

Recently, the weather was hot and there was a high-speed word on Weibo that was adapted from the name of "Jiang Chengzi". This talented “wordman” is actually a student of the Civil Engineering Department of Yangzhou Vocational University. He is named Li Qi.

The original intention was to express the wishes of “gentleman” Li Qi said that he was a literary youth of Yangzhou Vocational University. Occasionally, he would like to drum up some soy sauce poems and novels. As a sophomore student, he has continuously endured two years of high temperatures.

"A summer, our dormitory will be very hot and unbearable, which can safely review, ah, too painful." For this reason, Li Qi bought two small electric fans on the bedside, but still useless. He only thought of using a form of phrasing.

"Last time, many Nanjing colleges and universities protested that they wanted to install air-conditioners and things. I want to solve them by comparing gentlemen."

Plan to write 200,000-word novel "High School"

Li Qi is from Anhui and was once a painful repeater. "I started from my sophomore year and decided to write such a book to reflect the senior students' psychological state and learning situation." Li Qi said that this book is expected to write 150,000-200,000 words.

What is the difference? Li Qi said that first of all, the daily novels that reflect senior high school life involve relatively little; in addition, this novel is all handwritten, and it will also cover some of its own designs. "The title is undecided, but now it's not very hot for youth. I want to write about youth in the middle school."

Talking about the senior four years ago, he said he did not regret it. "High school senior gave me a special feeling and made me have more courage in my future life."

Netizens give more tolerance after 90

Recently, many colleges and universities have installed air-conditioners and other things to press schools to install air conditioners. At first, many Weibo users criticized the children for being too delicate after 90. Netizen @ Sanma 810 said that in 1996, when he went to college, there was an eight-person dormitory, no fans, no air conditioning, and nothing to do. He was holding his quilt to go to the playground to sleep, but he was facing sudden showers. Then how come...

However, there are also netizens who believe that 90 students should be more tolerant. Yang Yang Yang believes that understanding and transposition are two-way, 70 should be understood 80, 90, 00, and vice versa. Especially important is rational discussion. Reporter Lu Kangjie <br> <br> link

"Jiang Chengzi seeking air conditioning," there is also a large University of Yang Yan University strong heat, breaking the fan, squeaking, immediately exam, no place to stay cool. Even if it is difficult to eliminate static heat, into the bedroom, sauna room.

Unfortunately, the dream is hard to be fragrant, sweaty, and the mat is hot. No tears, only sweat. Expected to have a long semester this year, seeking air conditioning, and President Jiao.

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