2013 top ten LED lighting brand selection invited national channel voting

[High-tech LED reporter Xiong Yuheng] With the gradual improvement of LED lighting cost, whether it is dealers, engineering companies, designers, end consumers, this year, everyone's recognition and acceptance of LED lighting has improved significantly. According to industry consensus, the LED lighting market is expected to emerge in the next two years.

According to the High-tech LED Industry Research Institute (GLII), the LED lighting penetration rate will exceed 50% in 2015. In the next few years, channels and brands will become the key to winning the LED lighting enterprise market.

When the reporters of "LED Lighting Channel" of Gaogong LED visited the relevant LED lighting enterprises, many companies have regarded 2013 as their own brand year and channel year, and the trend is so good. However, the establishment of industry brands is not optimistic. “There are several LED lighting industries that can be called well-known brands? There is almost no.” It has become the consensus of many distributors.

The reporter also learned from the field visits of many dealers that the entire terminal market is disorderly and it is not uncommon for dealers to represent multiple brands at the same time. Dealers have said that there is no real trustworthy brand in the industry that can be the main reason for the current chaotic market.

The lack of brand has caused a serious disconnect between the company and the dealer. The company cannot find a quality dealer, and the dealer can not find a good brand agent. This also makes the entire terminal market occupied by low-end inferior LEDs, and we The so-called brand enterprise products are limited in the engineering channel and commercial lighting field because the price is not grounded.

As the market with the largest demand for LED lighting, the general lighting market directly faces the end consumers, and the demand for the brand is more urgent. This is also an important reason why traditional lighting brands such as NVC, Sanxiong and Opt can quickly seize the market.

Therefore, LED lighting enterprises must develop and grow, and must take the road of brand management. The depth and breadth of brand building will be the most important weight for enterprises to seize the market. With the rise of the home lighting market, brand building will become even more important.

The "4th High-tech Golden Globe Award" organized by the LED industry's authoritative industry research and media organization, Gaogong LED, was launched in the year. The Golden Globe Awards were launched in 2010 and have been successfully held for three times. Adhering to the principles of fairness, fairness and transparency, each year's various awards are produced by independent voting. The top three companies will enter the on-site PK battle, and the 100 CEOs present will vote for the final Golden Globe winner.

2013 Gaogong LED Golden Globe Awards took advantage of the trend, through the first half of this year's LED good products nationwide tour and investment activities, popularize the LED lighting quality concept in various places, promote LED good products to dealers; at the same time, the new launch of China's top ten LEDs Lighting brand selection.

The person in charge of the organizing committee said that it is our unshirkable duty to build a brand promotion platform for the strength LED lighting enterprises and to select a truly trustworthy brand for consumers. Therefore, we added the “China Top Ten LED Lighting Brands” selection award in the 2013 Golden Globe Awards, and recommended a brand of LED lighting with credibility to the society and channels.

The nomination of the lighting brand, the light source or lighting must be its own brand products, and the products for sale in the market. At least one entity dealership or specialty store information that can be purchased for this product must be provided for self-recommendation or nomination, and the streetlight or tunnel light product must provide the name of the project to which the product is applied.

At the same time, the organizing committee conducts an authoritative test on all the above-mentioned self-recommended selection of light sources and lamps to arrange third-party testing institutions (excitation testing), and completely speaks with actual product data. The organizing committee will invite well-known dealers, contractors and designers to conduct real-name voting. At the same time, reporters from high-tech LED lighting channels stationed in major lighting distribution areas and 30 key cities across the country will visit nearly 3,000 dealers and 1000 contractors and designers invited to vote on the spot.

As long as the quality of your products is excellent enough, this selection of strong propaganda will surely push your products from the obscurity behind the scenes to the front of the lighting and into the consumer's field of vision.

Top ten LED lighting brands are selected and look forward to your participation.

For details of the “2013 Top 10 LED Lighting Brands”, please click : http://

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